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KVM VPS Hosting

Smart KVM 2 Smart KVM 1 Smart KVM 3 Smart KVM 4
Offering a great set of completely free bonuses and a selection of OS options, this virtual server package is an ideal choice for you.
An excellent choice if you are looking for a no-frills virtual server to house your site.
Offering a selection of OSs, this VPS server package is a great deal for its price.
A perfect choice for launching media-rich websites such as news portals.
1 CPU Core 1 CPU Core 2 CPU Cores 4 CPU Cores
40 GB Storage 20 GB Storage 80 GB Storage 160 GB Storage
2 TB Data Transfer 1 TB Data Transfer 4 TB Data Transfer 5 TB Data Transfer
Full Root access Full Root access Full Root access Full Root access
£13.44 / month £6.71 / month £26.86 / month £53.73 / month
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A Blazing-Fast Control Panel

The cPanel hosting Control Panel gives you complete command over your web site(s). It is quick, very responsive and extremely easy to use.

A 24/7/365 Customer Support Service

With JBC Group, you will no longer have to wait for hours and hours for a support team member to reply - our customer support personnel is here to answer all of your inquiries 24-7-365 and they will get back to you in no more than 1 hour.

Hosting Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Budget

Compared to similar solutions on the market, our Virtual Private Server hosting packages provide an ideal balance between price and quality. The prices and features of our servers speak for themselves.

Cost-Free Bonuses

With JBC Group you can quickly establish an Internet hosting firm or a reseller hosting company, thanks to the cost-free extras with each of our KVM VPS web hosting plans - a billing software and a domain reseller account.

A Variety of Operating Systems

For each of our VPS web hosting plans you can select between the 3 most famous Linux-based Operating Systems available on the market - Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu. Today they are powering the majority of the hosting servers connected to the Internet.

Our Warranties

No server configuration fees, ninety-nine point nine percent network uptime warranty and your VPS web server will be fully operational in less than an hour after the order.

A Charge-Free Static IP

With JBC Group, all KVM VPS web hosting plans offer 1 dedicated IP address, cost-free.

The Installation & Troubleshooting Package

At JBC Group, the Installation & Troubleshooting package can be ordered as an upgrade with all our KVM -driven VPS web hosting plans. Through it, you will be able to get our skilled system administrators take care of any time and effort taking issue on your behalf, that is really useful if you don't have the nerves or if you do not have any server management knowledge to deal with this kind of tasks.

US Data Centre

At JBC Group, we offer a data centre facility, positioned in downtown Chicago, USA. Our data center is equipped with avant-grade hardware components which allow for excellent network connectivity. A 24/7 support team is available as well.

SolusVM Admin Panel

The SolusVM Panel is one of the top solutions for managing Virtual Servers and with us, you will get it with every Virtual Private Server you buy. The SolusVM Admin Panel is the location from where you can check what processes are being executed on your Virtual Private Server right now, stop or start them, reboot the server and even install extra software.

Smart KVM 2 Smart KVM 1 Smart KVM 3 Smart KVM 4
No Set-up Fee The first monthly fee is the only payment you have to make when you order a VPS. We do not charge you for setting up your VPS.
yes yes yes yes
1-hour Account Activation We know how important it is start using your Virtual Private Server as soon as possible and that is why we will set it up within the hour - the maximum time needed for proper configuration of your VPS.
yes yes yes yes
99.9 % Service Uptime Guarantee As always we guarantee 99.9% uptime and stable operation of the main machine for your VPS.
yes yes yes yes
24/7 Technical Support For Pre-installed Software Our professional technicians are available for you 24/7 to assist you with any applications that come pre-installed with the Virtual Pivate Server. All you have to do is open a trouble ticket from the VPS Plan Manager and you will get a reply within the hour.
yes yes yes yes
Domain Name Registration / Transfer You need a domain name for your VPS and if you do not have one yet, you can register it with us. If you have an existing domain you can also transfer the domain registration to our registrar so you have them all under one roof.
£10.51 £10.51 £10.51 £10.51
Monthly Price VPS packages are paid monthly and this is the only fee you must pay in order to have your Virtual Private Server set up.
£13.44/mo £6.71/mo £26.86/mo £53.73/mo
Data Storage This feature shows how much data you can upload on your Virtual Private Server and you can use that for any type of file that you wish - text documents, images, html and other web files, etc.
40000 MB 20000 MB 80000 MB 160 GB
Data Transfer This features shows the amount of data you can transfer to and from the VPS each month and that includes uploading any files and opening the websites hosted on the VPS.
2000 GB 1000 GB 4000 GB 5000 GB
RAM This feature indicates the amount of RAM that is guaranteed to be at your disposal at all times regardless of how much RAM other users on the VPS server are using.
2048 MB 1024 MB 4096 MB 8192 MB
CPU Cores This is the maximum portion of a CPU that each VPS package allows you to use.
1 1 2 4
Dedicated IP Address Each VPS package includes 1 dedicated IP address that you can utilize.
1 1 1 1
CentOS CentOS stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System and that is the most popular Linux version among web servers powering over 30% of Linux based servers worldwide.
yes yes yes yes
Debian Debian is a free operating system distributed under the GNU licence that is based on Linux Kernel. It is renown for its stability, security and abundance of options.
yes yes yes yes
Ubuntu This operating system is based on Debian Linux and although it is mainly used for desktop computers, its use for web servers is growing rapidly.
yes yes yes yes
SolusVM This web-based interface allows you to fully control your Virtual Private Server and all process that are currently running in a user-friendly manner.
yes yes yes yes
Full Root-level Access The complete root access provided with each VPS package gives you full control over your VPS and the root privileges that some applications may require.
yes yes yes yes
SSH Access Each VPS allows advanced users to quickly and easily manage their server via SSH client that is available immediately after the VPS is set up.
yes yes yes yes
eNom Domain Name Reseller Account Since VPS packages can be used for reselling, we provide you with a free sub-reseller account with eNom so you can start selling domain names as well without submitting any deposit.
yes yes yes yes
Client Exec Billing/Support Software This advanced software will allow you to handle customer invoices as well as ticket-based support along with many other features and customization options.
no no yes yes
Monthly Price VPS packages are paid monthly and this is the only fee you must pay in order to have your Virtual Private Server set up.
£13.44/mo £6.71/mo £26.86/mo £53.73/mo
cPanel with unlimited domains (for CentOS only) cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panels that includes a Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel as well which provides you server administration through a web-based interface. It is also suitable for web hosting resellers which makes it as popular as it is.
/ mo / mo / mo / mo
EXTRA DEDICATED IPs Smart KVM 2 Smart KVM 1 Smart KVM 3 Smart KVM 4
1 additional IP If you need additional dedicated IP addresses for your Virtual Private Server, you can purchase them via the VPS Plan Manager after the VPS is set up.
£ 3.63 / mo £ 3.63 / mo £ 3.63 / mo £ 3.63 / mo
Weekly Backup In case you wish to protect yourself from losing important data, you should always have a back up in place. We will do that for you once a week.
yes yes yes yes
INSTALLATION & TROUBLESHOOTING If you need additional assistance from our server administrators.
£ 55.33 / h £ 55.33 / h £ 55.33 / h £ 55.33 / h
VPS Plan Monthly Price Smart KVM 2 Smart KVM 1 Smart KVM 3 Smart KVM 4
£13.44/mo £6.71/mo £26.86/mo £53.73/mo